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  • Name : Mark A
  • State : Melbourne
  • Ethnicity : Samoan / Argentinian
  • Gender : Male
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Height : 6'2 (187 cm)
  • Waist : 88cm / 34'6
  • Shoe Size : 11
  • Dress Size : Non
  • Chest / Bust : Non
  • Cup Size : Non

    Hi my name is Mark, I currently reside in Melbourne and am self employed working as a strength coach to all forms of sport, I am an easy going energetic easy to work with person, I am both thorough and reliable in attention to detail, thus always willing to do that extra to get the best finish to any task given.

    I have a bachelors sports science degree in biophysics and given my current profession of which has been a big part of my life, this continues to be the driving force to my way of living, being both physically and mentally prepared for all facets of life.

    I’ve also been privileged to have represented my country of birth ( New Zealand ) in 4 different sports they are Athletics, powerlifting, rugby and tae Kwon do of where of today I currently hold a 4th Dan black belt.

    Today I draw from all my years of experience and knowledge to now assist other aspiring athletes to reaching there full potential and none more so then my daughter (Destanee) who’s a current top 200 in the world in woman’s pro tennis, and at the young age of 18-years she’s already a formidable force with a bright future ahead of her.

    I am both excited and enthusiastic about what lays ahead for me and if given the opportunity I am definitely sure to give you my all, my witty personality and kind heart allow me to always look on the bright side, and never left to be held down whilst always remembering to keeping my feet grounded

    Strength and conditioning - advanced
    Martial arts - advanced
    Athletic coach - intermediate/elite
    Rugby coach - advanced
    Presence of front of a camera - beginner