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  • Name : Nicholas
  • State : Melbourne
  • Ethnicity : Anglo Indian
  • Gender : Male
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Height : 6'3 (190 cm)
  • Waist : 84cm / 33'1
  • Shoe Size : 11
  • Dress Size : Non
  • Chest / Bust : Non
  • Cup Size : Non

    My name is Nick, I am an easily adaptable athlete who can learn most skills quickly. I love being on the move and performing.

    With a degree in sport science, on my way to a masters, I have an edge when it comes to training for specific skills you might want your brand to represent. This background also allows me to maintain an athletic build year round, or alter that build if required.

    I feel at a reasonably tall height, that I am quick over a short distance, and explosive when it comes to jumping or pushing.

    I have utilised these skills representing Australia at the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, as well as in senior football, cricket and golf. I have been cast as a sportsperson in TV before, so I understand how to work in a filming environment.

    I am excited about what a person can represent through a photo or video. I am approachable, easy going, and rarely get ahead of myself.

    AFL- advanced
    Running- advanced
    Resistance training- advanced
    Golf- intermediate
    Presence and confidence in front of camera- intermediate