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Strong is the new skinny™

Leave a long-lasting impression.

A successful fitness modeling portfolio consists of imagery of the same high quality as advertising campaigns from leading athletic brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok. AEFM International requires your photographic portfolio to be of the same high standard.

Many of the standard fitness modeling shots are pretty similar, but they can be changed up considerably to produce some truly stunning results. To achieve this level of professionalism, you, the fitness model, must have a dynamic portfolio. This will contain a range of perfectly executed shots, with dramatic angles and lighting which will carve out your physique and accentuate your physical skill as well as the cut and fit of the featured garment.

Fitness modeling is a unique genre and there is never going to be one exact ‘look’ or ‘type’ that every brand or company will desire. Therefore, your portfolio should effectively reflect the versatility of your fitness specialties, talents, and poses to maximise your broad appeal so you will be considered for a particular booking.

The combined result of your look, style, and movement, and the techniques employed by our photographers, will be a beautiful portfolio demonstrating the very best of what you have to offer.

Creating a positive, fun environment

We want your first AEFM professional portfolio shoot to be an enjoyable, fun experience. The emphasis of the shoot is on creating the right setting, so it gives you a glimpse of how the industry works, how the shoot will flow, and potentially how the photographer and team will create the right environment to capture the hero shot of the shoot.

Getting in front of the camera can be intimidating, so our photographer will be there to help you feel relaxed and comfortable, and guide you on how to pose and move. Even though you are there to work, it should be a positively challenging experience where you will learn lots about the modeling aspect of the job and how to create that perfect moment. A flexible attitude and a willingness to experiment with different looks will help our photographer get the most out of you on the day.

Hand-selected fitness photographers

We have on average three fitness photographers in every state in Australia, each person has been scouted personally by AEFM. These individuals not only have a passion for photography, but they are also highly skilled and will provide excellent service to you. Most of our photographers have a background in sports themselves, which is what enables them to capture your experience so perfectly.

We have partnered with some of the best photographers Australia has to offer. Our photographers are hand-picked for their professionalism, timely production, and clear communication. An image that accurately represents you and the sport you play, will create a positive, long-lasting impression, which is essential for winning an assignment. They are on hand and ready to travel to a mutual location or studio.

Photo and Video usage rights

By purchasing our portfolio photo shoot, you are not only purchasing professional images, and video content of yourself, but also the usage rights over these images. Usage rights are the most important asset. We have negotiated usage rights on your behalf with the photographer. This means that we will receive, both high and low-resolution images, video footage, and polaroids, free from any watermarks, and more importantly with no constraints as to where we are able to market ourselves across all platforms.

The use and ownership of all images, video footage, and Polaroids shot during the photoshoot is granted to both AEFM, & you. As a result, all images and video footage taken during your photo shoot are released with full usage rights. You will receive your final (12 retouched images), (short intro video), and (4 polaroids) constraint-free.

Professional Fitness Portfolio Guidelines

The mood board that you create is a great visual representation of your unique style. This is a great way for the photographer to get a feel for the look you will be going for on the day along with your skill set.

For your mood board, you will choose 8 x Hero Shots, 8 x high impact movement shots, and 8 x standing static seated and standing shots. At the end of this process, you will also need to upload 6 images of the garments you wish to bring to your photo shoot.

The duration of your photo shoot is 120 minutes and during that time you are to be photographed in 6 different outfits. You will also be required to move around the set, posing in different ways as directed by your photographer. This can take some practice so please make sure to have practiced these poses and movements beforehand.

After your photo shoot is complete, you will receive 12 high-resolution, retouched images, a short introduction video and 4 x polaroid images. All of which will be uploaded to your online portfolio.

After we receive your biography and measurements, we will then create your profile on our official website. Your Digital Composition Card will be forwarded, along with your availability to our database of fitness brands, advertising agencies, and casting agencies.

Cost of Portfolio $935

Short introduction video

During your portfolio shoot, you will be expected to shoot a 30-second introduction clip. The advantage of doing this is that most creative ad agents or casting agents will want to see this prior to your actual casting. This will save valuable time when selecting the right models for the company’s campaign, it will also shed light on your personality along with how you present on camera.

Assistance with posing

Remember no one starts knowing exactly what to do on their first shoot. Luckily for you, all of our photographers are masters at not only capturing the right shots, but they are also particularly good at making you feel comfortable during your first shoot. By explaining and showing you what they would like, and by working through the series of movements and expressions, by the end of the shoot, you will feel totally comfortable in front of the camera. You will learn a lot, which will serve you well moving forward with your career in fitness modeling.


Questions in relation to your Photo Shoot

Which states do AEFM offer professional portfolio shoots?

We have professional photographers in all states throughout Australia, and a team to help you assemble your first professional portfolio.

Do I need prior experience?

As an AEFM Development Model, you will be required to network and arrange collabs with up-and-coming photographers following your initial portfolio shoot. This will help with gaining additional experience along with growing your confidence in front of the camera. It will also help grow your portfolio which will be extremely important when being chosen for new assignments.

What age can I join AEFM?

We sign talent under the age of 18, however, you must have your parent or guardian’s consent.

How much does a professional portfolio cost?

The cost for a professional portfolio is $850 (Plus GST)

Other than the professional portfolio cost, are there any other ongoing costs?

No, we do not charge any other fees.

When do AEFM require payment?

We require payment 7-days in advance to secure your booking. AEFM will send out the account details for you to make the payment. Note we do not offer post shoot payment plans, nor do we offer deducting the amount from your first modeling assignment.

What do I receive?

You will receive (12 high-res retouched images), (short introduction video) & (4 x polariod images).

Where will the photo shoot take place?

We use a variety of locations throughout Australia. Upon being assigned a photographer, he or she will disclose the location, and send you the address and meeting point.

How long does the shoot take?

120 minutes

Hair and Makeup?

Hair and makeup are so important to a photoshoot! During your introduction call with the photographer, you will discuss the best options for both Hair & Makeup. This is organised by the talent prior to your photoshoot.

Will I need to able to pose in order to do my first portfolio photo shoot

No, as a beginner you do not need to know the basics as our photographer will direct you during your portfolio shoot.

Do AEFM supply fitness garments for the photo shoot?

No, as the talent, you will bring a selection of fitness apparel to your shoot. We ask that you bring a minimum of 5 sets (top and bottoms) and two pairs of running shoes.

Am I able to bring fitness accessories to my shoot?

Feel free to bring along items such as skipping ropes, boxing gloves, dura bands, medicine balls, anything that will assist in capturing the right picture.

What are the next steps after my Professional Photo Shoot?

Both yourself and AEFM will receive 12 x retouched images and your polaroids. We will then create your profile, bio, measurements on our official website. We will also send out your look book to our database which consists of fitness brands, casting directors and Ad Agencies.

Previous Work

We work closely with a wide range of brands, companies from different sectors both here in Australia and Internationally.