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Commercial Fitness Photography

AEFM International has partnered with Jared Taylor as our leading commercial fitness and athletic photographer. Since he started back in 2015, he has been successful at creating high-end quality images for a multitude of companies to help promote, market, and sell products into the fitness market globally. He has worked with AEFM International since 2014 and has helped pave the way for not only AEFM but all aspiring athletic photographers across the country.

Jared has a broad understanding of studio lighting set-ups and on-location, which allows him to capture your vision the right way in order to portray your sales message to your demographic. His understanding of people and the fitness market gives him the upper hand when capturing the right image to make an impact. This places his advertising photography and style at the top of this genre.

AEFM International is proud to align ourselves with Jared on many projects together over the years as his clientele continues to grow due to his amazing talent and attention to detail as an artist-photographer.

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Jared Taylor

Commercial Clients

Just to name a few, Jared has worked with brands to sell products and or services by way of print media, and digital advertising for companies such as Puma, Logitech/Jaybird, Crop Shop Boutique, Ryderwear, EHP Labs & L’URV Sportswear.

Crop Shop Boutique. Jared shoots in-studio commercial content for their e-commerce business and new conceptual branding ideas for their website. As a prominent Australian brand, Crop Shop Boutique sells clothing and fitness accessories on a global scale to fitness enthusiasts.

Adelaide-based company Ryderwear – appoints Jared to shoot their A-Listers when in town as well as their sponsored athletes across Australia.

Recently shooting for PUMA, he photographed a rising BMX star, this content can be seen across major retail stores, as print media.

These are a select few that Jared services, more work of his can be seen under, previous work.

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