We understand that it’s critical to your campaign that the final shots match the style you envisioned.

Our Commercial

At AEFM International, we understand that the success of your modeling career is tied directly to the quality of the images we provide you from your initial portfolio shoot. That is why we have partnered with some of the best photographers in the industry.

Our in-house photographers have been hand-selected for their ability to shoot fitness, professionalism, timely production and talent communications and are on-hand ready to travel to your location or studio.

Whether you are looking for a full professional portfolio or video footage of you exercising, our photographers/videographers will work closely with you to make sure they get what they need to create images that will help launch your career as a fitness model.

for talent

While you are there to work, it should also be a positively challenging experience where you will learn a lot about the photographic aspect and the creation of elite campaigns. We try our best to mimic an actual company campaign, giving you an insight as to how brands shoot their content, but without the masses behind the camera.

For our talent, an AEFM photoshoot is a lot of fun. We want all of our talent to be comfortable with themselves in front of the camera and we ensure that your personality shines through in every photo that we take. We believe that having a good rapport with your photographer makes for better photos and helps us achieve our goal of creating a genuine connection between you and the viewer through our work.

Our photographers will assist you with how to pose and move so do not worry. Through a mixture of gestures, he or she will slowly create strong lines which will translate well on camera. Visual queues from the back of the camera will be given, so you will be able to see and adjust those small changes.

All of our photographers:
  • Have industry experience
  • Have shot in high pressure environments
  • Are able to direct talent effectively
  • Are available to travel interstate or internationally (pending availability)
  • Can work toward strict deadlines
  • Have experience in PS and AI.

Fitness photography for top talent

A successful fitness models portfolio consists of imagery of the same, high quality as advertising campaigns from leading athletic brands like Nike, UnderArmour and Reebok.

To achieve this level, the portfolio must contain a variety of dramatic angles, both wide and telephoto. Fast shutter speeds will capture you in motion and tailored lighting will emphasise physique and prowess.

The combined result of posing knowledge, movement and the techniques employed by our photographers will be a beautiful portfolio demonstrating the very best on offer.

What should a model’s
portfolio contain?

When it comes to modeling, your portfolio is your first impression and often the difference between getting castings and assignments or not.

A well-assembled portfolio demonstrates professionalism, but it can also be the difference between getting regular castings and assignments—or not. Customers are looking for portfolios that stand out, and that have depth and variety. Companies want to have the reassurance that you have adequate experience, so when it comes to executing the brief, you have to be able to over-deliver.

It’s important that everything in your portfolio looks cohesive and like it belongs together because if it does not look like it fits together then clients may overlook you for that particular role. Fitness and athletic modeling is a small niche, therefore, it is important to have only fitness and lifestyle images within your lookbook. The last thing you want to do is confuse the company you are trying to work for.

For this reason, the importance of a professionally shot Athletic Portfolio can not be overstated.

What should a models portfolio contain image

Fitness garments

A selection of specially selected fitness garments and footwear is crucial to the preparation of a successful shoot. Well-fitting garments can be the difference between an amazing shoot and simply another image. Garment selection needs to complement the talent and the environment they will be showcased in.

The following guidelines will help you select appropriate garments for your shoot:

  1. Garments should be figure-hugging, without any unnecessary folds or wrinkles. Block-colored garments, vibrant in color is always better on camera. Bear in mind you shall be shooting against a muted-colored backdrop, normally dark or light grey.
  2. Sports apparel should not be too tight or too loose; they should allow for movement without being restrictive or baggy.
  3. Shoes need to be comfortable, but also able to hold up under the strain of performing exercises on camera.

Portfolio Shoot Locations

We have an ever-growing list of locations around the CBD, all of which are highly accessible for you and the photographer. We typically find areas that are blank, bare structured environments, with soft beautiful light. 

One of the most important aspects of shooting your portfolio is finding a meaningful location that compliments your sport and the garments you plan on bringing to the shoot. Meaning that the garments need to be vibrant, and colorful. You are also encouraged to bring sporting accessories or equipment from your chosen sports, both of these elements are important to how the final image will look.

Fitness shoot structure

How we coordinate our shoots to ensure the best quality for casting opportunities.

  • 2 locations2 locations
  • 5+ garment changes5+ garment changes
  • Sports action looksSports action looks
  • Your specialised sport looksYour specialised sport looks
  • Activewear/sports casual looksActivewear/sports casual looks
  • HeadshotHeadshot
  • 2-hour shoot2-hour shoot
  • 12 final image edits12 final image edits
woman in gym holding medicine ball
ossie breakdancing in blue tank top and ripped jeans
toned man playing keepy up football
toned man press up jumping
woman leaning against wall with pink sportwear

Talent testimonials

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