Casting Talent

You should be left with what you now believe are the right model(s) for your campaign. Please complete each mandatory field below, the more information you can provide, the better it is to pinpoint the right talent for your campaign.

If you have an actual “Job Brief, which should include more information about the sport(s), or movement that is required for your job. It will help us identify more quickly the right talent, as we understand at this stage, time is of the essence.

Please expect an email from us informing you of your selections. Contained within this email, will be each individual athlete, their State, Gender, and their respective electronic composition card along with a brief outline of our Booking Terms and Conditions.

Should you wish to open the model’s composition card, you are able to do so by opening the PDF “Electronic Composition Card”. Here you will be able to view their extended biography, measurements, sporting abilities, lifestyle background, and work experience. If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know by calling 1300 17 17 44 or contacting our main booker directly via Whatsapp at +61 452 483 911.

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fitness model holding a medicine ballSamantha Sydney personal trainer fitness model wearing green running apparelAlyson Melbournes talented fitness model and dancer jumpingKatherine Melbourne South East Asian fitness model performing a one arm kettle bell swingMark Sydneys fitness male mixed race model holding a medicine ballMitchell Melbourne ex pro footballer sprintingUntxitled 1Mark melbournes mediteranian fitness model3Grace Sprinting 1Adelaides up and coming fitness teen model flipping a skateboardQueenslands mature female fitness model joggingRuby Melbourne female fitness model jumpingLuis runningSamantha professional soccer player about to control the ball during a gameChristine Melbourne fitness model runningAiko Queenslands fitness yoga specialist dancing 1Melbournes latest black Sudanese female modelChloe LungingaaUntitled 1Austin Melbourne teen fitness model dribblings a basket ballMelbournes Elite Gymnast Alyssa sprintingDylan main featured profile imageUntitled 2 2Untitled 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barbell

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