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Hair Color

Light Blonde

Eye Color

Blue / Green


186 cm


92 cm

Shoe Size

Size 13

Dress Size


Chest / Bust

108 cm

Cup Size


Top Size


Bottom Size




I’m a fitness trainer at a boxing and strength gym, and my main passion in life is staying fit and being my best self. I thrive on helping people become the fittest version of themselves, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing others achieve their goals.

I absolutely love being in front of the camera, whether it’s for fitness workouts or cooking videos. As a huge foodie, I enjoy creating and editing videos that showcase healthy and delicious recipes. It’s a wonderful way to combine my love for fitness with my passion for great food, and I find joy in sharing this with others.

Being committed to fitness means I’m always ready for any photoshoot opportunities, especially with brands and businesses that share my mindset. Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle is something I deeply believe in, and I’m eager to collaborate with others who feel the same way.

My journey into fitness began with a lifelong love for motocross racing. The thrill of the sport and the need for peak physical condition ignited my passion for staying fit. Throughout my racing career, I had the chance to do various photoshoots for sponsors who supported my dreams, and this experience opened my eyes to the exciting world of fitness modelling.

This industry excites me immensely. I love the dynamic nature of fitness and modelling, and I’m always enthusiastic about new opportunities to showcase my skills and passion. The chance to work with creative and innovative brands is something I look forward to. Whether it’s promoting fitness products, demonstrating workout routines, or sharing healthy lifestyle tips, I’m ready to bring my energy and enthusiasm to every project.

Interests/ Sporting Ability

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Body Building
  • Boxing
  • Motorcross
  • Resistance Training
  • Track and Field
  • Weight Lifting
  • Wrestling

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