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General Information


Lucinda G







Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color



165 cm


74 cm

Shoe Size

Size 8

Dress Size

Size 8

Chest / Bust

99 cm

Cup Size


Top Size


Bottom Size




Hi, I’m Lucinda, and I’m thrilled to share my journey with you! With over a decade of experience in artistic gymnastics and six exciting years playing rugby, I’ve developed a strong foundation in both sports. I’ve embraced the challenges of both the 7s and 15s formats and am currently proud to represent the Northern Suburbs in Sydney as a sevens rugby player.

When I’m not on the rugby field, you’ll often find me keeping fit through running and Pilates, which help me stay agile and strong. My commitment to fitness doesn’t stop there—I also commute to work daily on my bike, seamlessly blending my active lifestyle with my professional career.

By profession, I’m a geotechnical engineer, and I contribute to large infrastructure projects that shape our cities and communities. Balancing my athletic pursuits with my professional responsibilities is a challenge I wholeheartedly embrace. I believe in striving for holistic growth and fulfillment in both spheres of my life.

My journey has taught me the importance of dedication, resilience, and passion. Whether I’m tackling a tough rugby match, pushing through a long run, or solving complex engineering problems, I bring my all to every endeavour. This blend of athleticism, technical expertise, and unwavering determination is what drives me.

I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with brands and campaigns that value authenticity, energy, and a commitment to excellence. Whether it’s a fitness campaign, a sporting event, or a creative project, I’m ready to bring my best and inspire others with my story and enthusiasm.

Thank you for considering me for your campaign. I look forward to the possibility of working together and creating something truly special!

Interests/ Sporting Ability

  • Cycling
  • Gymnasium
  • HIIT
  • Resistance Training
  • Rugby (Leaugue)
  • Running (Long Distance)
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weight Lifting

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