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Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color



198 cm


89 cm

Shoe Size

Size 13.5

Dress Size


Chest / Bust


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“I am a semi professional / professional basketball athlete, starting shooting guard for Bullean Boomers Division 1 program, finishing my rookie season previously with LaTrobe City Energy. Also competing in all the major National tournaments in my juniors.

Over the span of my young life, I have developed a deep burning passion to achieve what others said I cannot have or do. This has shaped my entire life and built my character to this very point. I believe the adversity that I have been through in my life has always been for a reason .. to test whether or not I will make the conscious decision to fly or fall.

Through learning intently, I have gained unannounced amounts of knowledge of specific mind and body training practices from all my years around niche professional trainers. This has motivated me to implement and push myself completely. I have a VERY unique training reseme that I will stick to which incorporates every factor of my life. For someone who is 6ft 8, I am extremely co-ordinated, functional and explosive. I can move very fluidly with the rock in my hands while also understanding angles when training / playing.

Since I was 16, I have been professionally filmed / photographed whilst playing the game I so dearly love. I have been featured on multiple Australian owned media channels which showcase some of the most talented players in Australia, most of which playing on the world stage. I enjoy creating an emotional story with the audience when the cameras are rolling, and am used to being in the spotlight. I am at ease with social scenarios with true inner confidence.

I am raw obsessive and will never stop until I can safely say I gave everything. I’m a curious kid who likes to soak in knowledge from others with a light-hearted attitude understanding the process is here for enjoyment. My basketball career is a reflection of my motor and ambition, having been given offers to play for Division 1 colleges in the U.S and professional leagues in Europe. I find myself breaking into the top Australian League and constantly surrounded by high class American athletes. I continually look to self develop and improve myself in any way I identify.”

Interests/ Sporting Ability

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Powerlifting
  • Running (Sprinting)
  • Trail Running
  • Weight Lifting
  • Yoga

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