Frequently Asked Questions

View answers to the most frequently asked questions for fitness models.

How to start fitness modelling

The very first step is making the decision yourself as to whether you want to explore this type of modelling. It takes dedication to be a fitness model. Your lifestyle will dictate on whether you are a suitable candidate.  

What age do you need to be to in order to join the agency?

Without your parents consent 18, if you are under the age of 18, you will need your parents consent. We take on all ages.

How do I join AEFM?

First you need to read and familiarise yourself with “About AEFM” to make sure this is an organisation you want to be represented by. Following this you will need to ‘Read and acknowledge’ our Terms & Conditions. To join AEFM please go to the following link and submit your information There is a 48 hour turn around due to the sheer number of inquiries.

Do I need a fitness professional portfolio?

We have professional photographers in all states throughout Australia, and a team to help you assemble a portfolio.

How will I know whether I have been accepted into AEFM?

A representative from AEFM will respond via email or by telephone within 72-hours. You will receive a letter of acceptance.

Does it cost anything to join the AEFM agency?


Are there any out of pockets costs in having my professional photos taken?

Yes, each photographer works as an independent sub-contractor. Each shoot depending on location is charged, these costs are disclosed within the BE DISCOVERED information.

What are the next steps after my Professional Photo Shoot?

Both yourself and AEFM will receive your 12 x edited images. We then add your images to our official website (, and are broadcasted to our database.

Are there any height restrictions?


Do I need to be able to pose like a Fitness model

No, as a beginner you do not need to know the basics as our photographer will direct you during your portfolio shoot.

As a model represented by AEFM, am I able to broadcast my images through my social media streams?
  1. Yes, although watermarks will need to stay intact
  2. AEFM needs to be #TAGGED (#aefm_International) in the comment section on all posts
Can fitness models have tattoos

In today’s society, many people have tattoos. Brands have a certain look they want to achieve, which they will describe within their casting brief. Companies that request models with tattoos, may stipulate that they may want the talents tattoos covered. This is gone in post-processing or with a special make-up.

Do AEFM ‘Manage Talent’?

Yes, we tell all our talent also we negotiate contracts on behalf of all our talent

Do you do any promotional work?

No, unless the model requests for it.

How to get in fitness model shape

If you are wanting to get in shape to become a fitness model, we suggest you contact a local fitness professional. Personal trainers will assist you in achieving your goals. They will assess your fitness, and prescribe the correct training program.

If I find myself additional work, does AEFM take a commission from the work I source from these opportunities?

No, though you will need to disclose each opportunity before fulfilling that assignment

What do the four types of images comprise of?
  1. Head shot
  2. Dynamic Shot
  3. Casual Sports look (Workout gear)
  4. Profile ‘Front Page’
How can I be a fitness model

Your first port of call is to do your research on the type of agency you want to be represented by. Companies may not necessarily fit the criteria for fitness modelling. In fact most conventional agencies do not promote fitness, therefore cat-walk, editorial work may not appeal to you if you are someone that falls outside the norm. 

What is a ‘Model Release Form?

A model release form is similar in context to a liability waiver. It is a legal release signed by the subject of a photograph granting permission to publish the photo in one form or another. The legal rights of the signatories in regards to the material are thereby subject to the allowances and restrictions stated in the release.

What it takes to be a female fitness model.

It takes serious commitment to become a fully fledged working model. Models are requested to go on castings / go-sees, which are part of the role. Outside of this you will be required to build your portfolio and network with potential brands.

Where are the photo shoots carried out?

All states within Australia.