Warning Impostors

Last Modified: 01/06/2020

Here at AEFM International we take the safety of the aspiring model extremely seriously. In the event that you are contacted by someone posing as an AEFM representative, please contact info@aefm.com.au directly before engaging in any discussions or meetings with that individual. Please note that all of our employees carry AEFM branded business cards, and will facilitate an email address ending in @aefm.com.au. If you have any doubt, please contact us directly on info@aefm.com.au or our on 1300171744.

AEFM have employed the latest technologies on our website for new models to apply directly. All submissions should be made at www.aefm.com.au/be-discovered. This is the ONLY way we accept new talent. Should you be contacted by someone that is claiming to be an AEFM representative, we strongly advise that you make contact with us on info@aefm.com.au.

Falsely claiming to be a representative or scout of AEFM International is illegal. If you believe you have had dealings with or communications from an imposter, contact us immediately, or your local law enforcement.