Run, Lift, Repeat: Kai Embodies the ASICS Spirit

ASICS is excited to announce that Kai, an accomplished athlete of Asian descent with a strong background in CrossFit and running, will be the face of our latest campaign. Kai’s impressive athletic skills and cultural heritage perfectly align with our diverse and dynamic audience, making him an ideal representative of the ASICS brand.


About This


Renowned for our innovative approach to sportswear, ASICS continually pushes the boundaries of technology and design to empower athletes worldwide. By partnering with top-tier athletes like Kai, we harness a wealth of sporting expertise to enhance the functionality and performance of our products. ASICS is proud to support athletes who exemplify our commitment to excellence, making us the choice of champions across the globe.


Kai’s involvement in this campaign underscores the practical and aesthetic excellence of ASICS gear. His robust physique and authentic appeal make him a natural fit for our brand, effectively showcasing our dedication to performance and style. As a versatile and driven athlete, Kai embodies the dynamic spirit and high standards that ASICS upholds in all our products.

Talent Selection

For other fitness models, casting directors, and marketing managers, this campaign highlights the critical role of selecting athletic talent that not only fits the brand’s image but also resonates with its consumer base. Kai’s selection for the ASICS campaign demonstrates the powerful impact of a well-chosen ambassador in reinforcing brand identity and connecting with the target audience.



  • Melbourne
  • Male


Athletics, Body Building, Calisthenics +7

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Its a Wrap

As this campaign unfolds, it is poised to inspire and engage fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, showcasing why ASICS remains at the forefront of the sportswear industry. With a focus on pushing boundaries and achieving greatness, ASICS continues to innovate, ensuring our gear meets the highest standards of the world’s top athletes and fitness talents.