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Tips on how to become a fitness model

Are you wondering about how to become a fitness model? All that time and effort to sculpt your body into the best possible shape has finally paid off. Are you now looking for the next challenge, for something more than just a lifestyle, something you can build a career out of?

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How to create the best fitness model portfolio

What is a fitness modelling portfolio? Your fitness modelling portfolio, is the strongest marketing tool you have to develop and promote you, the fitness talent. It is essentially your resume and it should contain everything you need to make an incredible first impression and showcase what you can do, so it should obviously include only […]

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Why You Need Zinc

The importance of zinc doesn’t just extend to its well-known role in supporting our immune system. Zinc is one of the most vital micronutrients essential to so many daily functions in our body and our overall health and wellbeing. Without zinc, we can’t survive, let alone thrive. Benefits of Zinc Did you know more than […]

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New Year’s Resolutions & Successful Goal Setting

Self-improvement is a shared hobby and why so many of us make new year’s resolutions and set goals. An Australian study found that 54% of new year’s resolutions made in 2016 were related to health and fitness, yet less than half were kept. Some statistics show as little as 8% success rate of new year’s […]

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Top 8 Resources for a Healthier 2017

Nutritional education is everything when it comes to taking control of our own health, you just need a little curiosity to investigate. Understanding our body, how food affects us, our food system and environment, can help us navigate through the marketing and diet trends to live a simple healthy lifestyle. The information is out there […]

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Tips for staying healthy over Christmas

As the silly season approaches and many holiday travel plans are in sight, I thought it would be a good time to share some tips on staying healthy over the Christmas season. This is often a time of over indulgence with work Christmas parties and family and friends get-togethers usually involving an abundance of food […]

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Supermodel Skin: Food for a glowing complexion

Maintaining clear glowing skin is not only about having a great skin care routine. Good nutrition is the fundamental building blocks of great skin. Nourishing your skin with food from the inside out will provide your body with the nutrients to renew and repair your skin, improving its texture, strength and hydration and will give […]

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Messano “The best Sunglasses in Australia”

Messano “The best sunglasses in Australia” If you follow any celebrities’, style or fitness professional, you will see that they are never without a pair of sunglasses when they are out and running errands or in between workouts. These stylish sunglasses will complete your look and will make your outfit pop and will frame and shape […]

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Protein: how much is really needed for muscle growth?

There have been many debates over protein consumption and differing opinions over how much we really need, causing confusion over the topic: – How much protein should one consume? Does our body only absorb a certain amount? What about individuals seeking to gain muscle? The Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for Australians set by the National […]

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